One of the most important aspects of your business is its storefront windows. They should be large, beautiful, and not so dark that passersby can’t tell whether you’re open for business.

We’ve seen lots of great storefronts with overly-tinted windows. While that’s great for keeping customers inside cool from the hot rays of the sun, it’s not so attractive when you’re looking at it from the outside and wondering whether you should go in.

Basically, extreme window tinting just isn’t right for every business. You should get it if you have to protect certain items from possible burglaries, but it may not be suitable for a business that intends to attract a steady flow of customers. For example, you wouldn’t over tint the windows to your bakery and prevent people from seeing the wonderful pastries you have to offer. You also wouldn’t want to over tint the windows if you have a beautiful furniture display that faces the street. Tinting doesn’t just affect visibility, but also the quality of the colors that you want to present to the public.

Still, it’s important to protect your inventory and employees from harmful UV rays and heat. High quality windows can do that for your business while also helping to create an attractive appearance for your store front. You may have noticed that some stores display products that have obvious sun damage. You can help reduce the bleached out appearance of the items you display with windows that block out the sunlight that causes this.

Unless you’re business is a high rise, you’re not going to need reflective windows. These just do not look cool on street-level business windows.

You can elect to have high windows with tinting and lower windows with a clearer appearance. This way you can balance out how much natural light needs to enter.

We can help you decide what will look most attractive for your storefront windows and help you save you money on energy throughout the year. You’ll find that the right business windows will reduce how much you run your central air and will help your showroom floor look awesome to anyone walking by.

To learn more about how to make your home more energy-efficient, you should speak to a professional who can tell you more about window design that saves you money in the long run and also gives your home an attractive upgrade. So go ahead and give us a call at 626-254-0614.

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