The temptation to follow the “Do It Yourself” trend has grown thanks to free access to tons of informative videos on sites like YouTube or Pinterest. For the most part, doing your own home repairs and upgrades can be easy and fun. However, there are just some fixes that you shouldn’t do on your own, especially if it ends up costing you more in repairs down the road, and ESPECIALLY when it relates to window repair.

Here are three great reasons to contract a professional to do your window installation:

1. Don’t Void Your Warranty – Small windows may seem easy to replace, but you could risk voiding your installation warranty if you don’t do it properly or contract a professional to do it for you.

2. The Right Tools Make It A Speedy Process – Glass contractors have the proper tools for removing the old window and properly setting the new one so that there are no leaks or other installation issues. With a one story house, for example, you can expect window replacement to happen relatively quickly, usually in just a few hours.

3. A Pro Can Help You Choose The Right Type of Glass – Some windows let in more light than others and help keep your home warmer without relying too frequently on central heating, but this type of glass isn’t appropriate for all sides of your home. A professional can help you make the best choice and explain the different types of glass and their purpose. This is an important topic to discuss when getting a quote for the job.

Chances are that you may only need a partial replacement to help make your home more attractive and energy efficient and we can help you learn more about that. Call us at 626-254-0614 so we can talk about how to save you money on your next window installation or upgrade project.



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